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Amap servers and Dokuwiki upgrade

This technical doc is a memo for Amap developers related to the Amap development and dokuwiki servers management.

fc - 6.11.2014

Amap servers

The Amap development servers are hosted by Cirad DSI on a set of virtual machines.

The virtual servers for AMAP developers:

  • blayais hosts amap-dev with Redmine and the SVN repositories (Redmine relies on the Ruby-on-rails framework, its management is delegated to Amap, S. Dufour Kowalski)
  • airais hosts the development web sites, including the dokuwikis for AMAPstudio & Capsis and several other Idao and Pl@ntNet web sites…

Cirad DSI people (thanks to them ;-) take care of the backup of these servers.

How to access to the servers for administration

A ssh access was granted on airais to S. Griffon and F. de Coligny to perform management and wiki upgrades.

# login on airais
ssh root@airais
password (ahaaah)

# see the partitions
df -h

# Dokuwiki sites
cd /opt/www/

# Capsis dokuwiki
cd fr.cirad.capsis/prod/capsis_root/capsis/

# AMAPstudio dokuwiki
cd fr.cirad.amapstudio/prod/

Dokuwiki: make a backup

If you need to make a dokuwiki upgrade, here is how to make a complete backup before and how it may be restored in case of problem.

# Make a backup of the complete web site (before an upgrade)
cp -a fr.cirad.capsis/ capsis-backup-6nov2014

# Restore a backup in case of trouble (not tested 6.11.2014)
rm -Rf fr.cirad.capsis/
mv capsis-backup-6nov2014 fr.cirad.capsis

Dokuwiki configuration

Samuel 'Silver fingers' Dufour Kowalski set a single login system for the AMAPstudio and Capsis users.

  • all users are registered in the Redmine system on the amap-dev server
  • the Dokuwiki web sites check their logins in the Redmine login mysql database

This was made by tuning several files in the conf/ directory for both wikis.

# conf directory
cd conf/

# authentication
vi local.php

# Single login trick: check logins in the Redmine mysql login database
$conf['authtype'] = 'authmysql';

# Single login trick: link to Redmine database on blayais
# Samuel inserted here the config / sql statements to link Dokuwiki authentication to Redmine
less mysql.conf.php

# The Redmine project name for login is written in the acl file
# here: @AMAPstudio 8
less acl.auth.php

How to upgrade Dokuwiki

This is compatible with the Capsis and AMAPstudio dokuwikis.

  1. Make a backup: login on and make a backup of the whole web site, see the section upper
  2. Login on the dokuwiki web site > Admin > Wiki Upgrade (this is a plugin) > Continue (several times if needed)
  3. In case you get messages like 'file is not writable' and you are asked to abort, go back to the terminal in the ssh session on airais, cd to the install dir of the dokuwiki and type the command below to grant write access to the www group for all files and dirs recursively:
# Grant recursively write access to the www group
cd fr.cirad.amapstudio/prod/ (or cd fr.cirad.capsis/prod/capsis_root/capsis/)

chmod -R g+w .

…then try again Wiki Upgrade

An upgrade was successfully run this way on 6.11.2014 for Capsis and AMAPstudio dokuwikis.

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