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Make links from the wiki to data files in DropBox

This wiki is not supposed to host data files due to their size and security issues related to their file extensions. Some users may like to propose links to such data files from their project pages (i.e. Principes parameter files). This doc explains how to build links from this wiki to data files hosted in the Public directory of DropBox.

1. In the Public directory of your DropBox, create subfolders if needed and add your files

2. Right-click on the file you want to link from the wiki > Copy the public link (“Copier le lien public”)

3. In the Wiki, login the page where you want to add the link, edit it, then paste the public link this way

[[|Example of parameter file hosted in DropBox]]

The link will look like this:

Example of parameter file hosted in DropBox

The same can be done with files hosted on GoogleDrive for instance.

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