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Upgrade Java to JDK 1.8 under Mac OS X

F. de Coligny, 26.7.2016 (Java 1.8) F. de Coligny, S. Griffon, 29.8.2014

On Mac OS X, upgrading Java to version 1.7 caused problems with the JOGL (Java OpenGL) library version 2.0, used y the sketch AMAP library we use for 3D rendering in Capsis and AMAPstudio. This is a memo about the changes we had to do to make it work correctly on all target systems (Win 32/64, Lin 32/64 and Mac OS X).

JOGL Upgrade from version 2.0 to 2.2

1. We first uninstalled JOGL 2.0 from Capsis and AMAPstudio ext/ directory:

  • from the ext/ directory, removed the following files:
    • jogl-all.jar
    • nativewindow.all.jar
    • gluegen-rt.jar
  • the dynamic load libraries (.dll, .so) are located in ext/ sub directories (windows/, windows64/, linux/, linux64/, macosx/). From all these directories, we removed:
    • *gluegen-rt*
    • *jogl-gl2*
    • *nativewindow*
    • *newt*

Note: under Windows, the lib names are something.dll, under linux and mac, they are

2. We then installed JOGL 2.2 in Capsis and AMAPstudio:

  • in the ext/ directory, we added 12 .jar files (the jar files now contain the .dll and .so files, no need for further installations):
    • gluegen-rt.jar
    • gluegen-rt-natives-linux-amd64.jar
    • gluegen-rt-natives-linux-i586.jar
    • gluegen-rt-natives-macosx-universal.jar
    • gluegen-rt-natives-windows-amd64.jar
    • gluegen-rt-natives-windows-i586.jar
    • jogll-all.jar.jar
    • jogl-all-natives-linux-amd64.jar
    • jogl-all-natives-linux-i586.jar
    • jogl-all-natives-macosx-universal.jar
    • jogl-all-natives-windows-amd64.jar
    • jogl-all-natives-windows-i586.jar

We had to fix few bugs in the source codes but the overall JOGL structure is the same and we could recompile our apps with 'ant clean compile'.

3. We finally rebuilt and copied 'jeeb-util.jar' and 'jeeb-sketch.jar' to the Capsis ext/ directory.

Jdk 1.8 install on Mac OS X

Note: we changed ext/ant/bin/ant to prevent a change of JAVA_HOME (may find java 1.6), commented 3 lines near line 86, see below:

       #  if [ -z "$JAVA_HOME" ] ; then
       #    JAVA_HOME=/System/Library/Frameworks/JavaVM.framework/Home
       #  fi
  • Recompile the application with 'sh ant clean compile' (check in the messages that jdk 1.8 is well detected by ant)
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