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Update in SmartSVN fails with '500 Internal Server Error'

Updating your project in SmartSVN may fail on some systems with this message: '500 Internal Server Error'. This was noticed after a server migration (may 2013). To fix this issue, you may try to follow this howto:

Important note

'500 Internal Server Error' is a generic error related to http servers. It may occur in various cases and the howto below may not fix the trouble.

If it does not, waiting a few days and retryng to Update your project from time to time may let enough time to the DNS servers to update themselves and to find the new migrated servers.

Open SmartSVN,

1. Select your project, Update → '500 Internal Server Error'

2. Open the Repository Profiles Manager

  • In SmartSVN version 6.x: Repository > Manage Profiles
  • In SmartSVN version 7.x: Edit > Preferences > Authentication

3. Select the project profile > Edit

If you see several profile lines and you are not sure which is the one to be edited, delete all lines related to your project, then restart to 1. (Updating will create a profile line for your project)

4. Check and complete the following options:

Note: during this process, if the 'Master password' is proposed, choose 'Do not use master password'

  • SVN login: check 'User name and Password'
  • Check your SVN user name
  • re enter your SVN password
  • Check the 'Save password' checkbox
  • Check the 'Verify connection when pressing Ok' checkbox

5. Click Ok,

Now try again to Update, you should not have the error any more.

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