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Upgrade to SmartSVN 8 needed to reconnect to the SVN server after an SSL upgrade (18.4.2014)

A SSL security problem implied an SSL upgrade on the SVN server. SmartSVN 6 and 7 can not talk any more to this server. An upgrade to SmartSVN 8 is needed (Windows, Linux and Mac). During the process, the local copy format will be changed from 1.6 or 1.7 to 1.8 (tested successfully under Linux 32 and 64 bits and Windows).

Note if you use several SVN clients: other SVN clients may work normally with the new SSL version, some of them may need an upgrade to recognize the working copy under format 1.8.

Note: Java 1.7 can cause an handshake error during the SmartSVN connection to the SVN server. The workaround is to switch from https:// to http:// (means 'without SSL') and make a new svn checkout. See the related doc, section 3.

In case of trouble below

If you encounter a problem at the 'Upgrade step' below, your local copy may be damaged (e.g. Disk full during the Upgrade process…). In this case, you may forget the current documentation and download a new working copy in a new local directory by switching to the original docs for the modellers by following the links below, see section 3 in:



Note: these docs have been updated to use http instead of https in order to remove SSL and simplify the SVN operations.

Here is a step by step howto.

Download and install SmartSVN 8

  • go to (or Google > 'smartsvn 8 download')
  • choose the version for your system (e.g. 8.5.2 for Windows)
  • fill in the contact information and 'Submit'
  • click on the link sent to your email address, e.g. Windows (JRE)


SmartSVN 8 uses Java 1.7. Choosing an installer with a JRE included, e.g. 'Windows (JRE)', may simplify the install if your system runs several versions of Java.

  • unzip / install SmartSVN 8 on your machine

Upgrade your local copy to format SVN 1.8

Launch SmartSVN 8

  • accept the licence
  • choose the free professionnal edition for 31 days (then it will continue to work)
  • my repositories are already set up

Open existing working copy

  • versioned directory: the main dir of your local copy (e.g. …/amapstudio/ or …/capsis4/)
  • open in new project: keep the proposed name (or change it)
  • 'The working copy needs to be upgraded to subversion 1.8 format' → Upgrade

Wait until the upgrade is over. The AMAPstudio or capsis directories will appear in the SmartSVN 'Directories' panel.

Update your local copy

Now it is possible again to update your local copy with SmartSVN 8.

  • select the install directory in the file tree (Directories panel)
  • update
  • accept all default proposals (HEAD…)
  • Certificate question → Proceed
  • Authentication → enter again your amap-dev SVN login (you may check 'save password')
  • Master password → Do not use > Ok

The update should be performed. At the end, the 'Output panel' will show the updated revision, e.g. 'at revision 8290'.

You may then recompile with 'ant clean compile' and you should have 'BUILD SUCCESSFUL' (otherwise, tell your favorite developer).

Optional, for Eclipse users

Eclipse users may need to upgrade their SVN plugin. Here is a howto for Eclipse Kepler, the Subversive plugin and the SVN kit version 1.8.

Help > Install new software > add this link if needed:

  • Check SVN Kit v1.8 > Install
  • Restart Eclipse when told

Then Eclipse > Window > Preference > Team > SVN > SVN client tab

  • Sélect SVN Kit v1.8
  • Ok

The subversive plugin in Eclipse should now be compatible with your SVN local copy upgraded in version 1.8.

Optional, for Linux Ubuntu users, upgrade the command line SVN

Follow the instructions here (tested with Ubuntu 13.10):

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