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AmapSim model is a pure structural model that is able to reproduce what was observed and measured on real plants. Observations consists in numbers (axes, shoots, internodes…) and dimensions (angles, length, diameters…) that are sampled across growing plants. Theese numbers and dimensions are the result of what the plant is (endogeneous properties) and its functioning according to its environment (exogenous properties). Which means that there is no distinction between what the plant species can produce (genetic) and what it produces (functioning).
Due to software architecture it is possible to replace or improve the default model behaviour with additional knowledge thanks to plug-ins.
Plug-ins are software additionnal components that may be dynamically connected to the core simulator.
Plug-ins can interact with the default simulation in different ways :
- time synchronisation
- parameter modifications
- procedural synchronisation
- plant representation modification/improvement
Here are some plug-ins examples that are provided with the default package :

Diffusion plug-in

A plug-in to simulate a simplified Shinozaki pipe model where only the last ring is taken into account to follow the conducting surface conservation.

Pipe Model plug-in

A plug-in to simulate the Shinozaki pipe model where a law of the number of conducting rings is introduced.

Pruner plug-in

A plug-in to simulate lower branch pruning at given moments of growth.

Thinning plug-in

A plug-in to simulate plot thinning when multiple plant growth is selected.

Light Through Voxel plug-in

A plug-in to simulate light interception when plants are put into a voxel space.

Browse plug-in

A plug-in to simulate browsing effect on plants.

GreenLab plug-in

A plug-in to simulate the GL1 model.

Wind plug-in

A plug-in to simulate wind effect that bends branches.

Light plug-in

A plug-in that simulates local intercepted light effects on meristems development and branching (to be combined with Archimed or lightThtoughVoxel plugin).

Timidity plug-in

A plug-in to simulate growth attenuation according to steric stress.

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