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AmapSim is included into the AMAPstudio installer. Generally speaking AmapSim may also be distributed as a single software suite including different features depending on the kind of use that is targeted.

There may be at least four kind of users for AmapSim :
- core developers : people that maintains the core model and the associated simulator
- plugin-contributors : people that develop plugins ready to be associated to the core.
- biologist-contributors : people that setup AmapSim parameters values to simulate particular plant species.
- endusers : people that just want to run simulations using software and data set up by the three other classes.

Each of the people of thoose four classes have different needs and may be provided with different parts of the package under different conditions (see charter) :
- core developers have access to the whole thing.
- plugin-contributors have access to the interface of the core and to technical documentation.
- biologist-contributors have access to the simulation software and parameter editing tools.
- endusers have access to the simulation software and a reference plant database.

To grant access to any of the package contact

The package that comes with AmapStudio is an enduser one and may be run from the “AmapSim” project menu item into Xplo.


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