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List of presentations about root systems Architecture, Observations, Modelling, Simulation and Exploration.

You can download them to get every informations about root-systems architecture, growth and development modelling, DigR model and AMAPstudio software environment.

In each presentation, we introduce parameters which are used to model 3D root-system architecture.

  • The values of parameters are then saved in a parameter file.
  • This parameter file will be used by DigR simulator in Xplo sofware to build a 3D root-system mockup
  • See Parameter Files section to get theses parameter files.

For each parameter of DigR model described in the presentations, we detail its meaning and how to use it.

NOTE : if you want to download these files, do “right click” with mouse. By default, they will be opened in a new window (pdf format).

Root system architecture

How to observe root system architecture.

  • In this presentation, you find elements to architectural approach and analysis.
  • The root-architectural unit;
  • The root architectural diagram;
  • The root architectural geometry;
  • The root architectural ontogeny;
  • The root architectural features.
  • Different static observations by partial or total excavations;
  • Growth and development observations by rhizotrons;
  • Biomass estimations on trenches.
  • Application to Elaeis guineensis root-system;
  • Application to Cocos nucifera root system;
  • Application to Phoenix dactylifera root system.
  • Perspectives to Root-system architecture analysis in a context of functional-structural whole plant architecture.

General presentation of DigR model

DigR model

How to model root system architecture.

  • Every DigR model informations:
  • DigR challenges
  • DigR on Xplo interface
  • General menu
  • Root types : typology
  • Growth and development
  • Death and pruning
  • Branching rules
  • Spatial layout
  • Angles
  • Diameters
  • Reiteration
  • Root system types simulation
  • Parameter file construction and simulation in Xplo

General presentation of DigR model

Root system exploration

How to explore root system architecture.

  • DigR model simulation and Mockup visualisation and exploration in AMAPstudio-Xplo software
  • New project
  • Primary lengthes
  • First primary diameter
  • Secondary lengthes
  • Branching
  • Dynamics

DigR model & Root system exploration Under Xplo

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