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Trachycarpus growth simulation :  Trachycarpus growth simulation

PRINCIPES : a Model and a Simulator in AMAPstudio Software suite

PRINCIPES Model Conception : Hervé REY & René LECOUSTRE (2009-2016)
PRINCIPES Model is generic for 3D Arecaceae's Architecture, Growth and Development modelling.
PRINCIPES Model is based on Multiscale Tree-graph Model formalism.

PRINCIPES Simulator Implementation : Sébastien GRIFFON (2009-2016)
PRINCIPES Simulator of PRINCIPES Model is implemented in AMAPstudio/Xplo software in JAVA language.
PRINCIPES simulator's outputs are Arecaceae's mockups, e.g. 3D digital models than can be used for many purposes.

AMAPstudio software suite Development : Sébastien GRIFFON & François de COLIGNY

PRINCIPES describes whole palm-trees 3D architecture at simple organ's level. This model is dedicated to palm-tree aerial vegetative and reproductive parts.
It enables modelling and simulation of Arecaceae, at genus, species or variety levels. This model can apply for instance to agronomic most important palm-trees, such as oil-palm, date-palm and coconut trees. But it is possible to use it for any other genus, such as Butia, Trachycarpus, Washingtonia and so on…and even Cycas! That is, as well as pinnated or palmated palm-tress can be modelled through PRINCIPES model.

Keywords: Arecaceae, Palm-tree, palmtree, palmtrees, 3D, 3D modelling, Architecture, Plant architecture, Architecture modelling, 3D plant architecture modelling, 3D palmtree architecture modelling, Oil-palm, date-palm, coconut-palm.

Mots Clés : Arecaceae, palmier, palmiers, modélisation, modélisation de l'architecture, modélsiation 3D de l'architecture des plantes, modélisation 3D de l'architecture des palmiers, palmier à huile, palmier dattier, cocotier.

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