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TOY plugin

TOY is a plugin dedicated to make RoCoCau a FSPM.
It expresses the dependency between shoot and root system both for resource capture and for competitive growth.
Main assumptions are :
1.Carbon is got from air through leaves
2.Water is got from soil through roots
3.Sugar are produced by photosynthesis by transforming a balanced amount of water and carbon thanks to the energy intercepted from light by leaves.
4.Sugar are split between upper and lower compartments inversely proportional to their contribution at photosynthesis.
5.Root and shoot systems will moderate their further growth according to the amount of sugar they got.

These assumptions are supposed to produce functioning plants that constantly try to balance their two compartments in order to adapt to their environment.

Parameters of this plugin are :
- air carbon content.
- max light level for optimal photosynthesis.
- Beer coefficient of light interception attenuation.
- root apical length and diameter for soil water prospection.
- growth moderation factors.

Input for this plugin are :
- Soil water content along time
- Light level along time.

Some test were lead for this plugins. Here are some results :

Default plant in optimal light and water environment

default plant with water stress (bigger root system) — with light stress (bigger shoot system).

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