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Scan documentation

This is the main documentation page for Scan.


  • AMAPstudio-Scan presentation at T-Lidar workshop in INRA Avignon (23-24 November 2016) : .pdf
  • AMAPstudio-Scan poster presented at FSPMA16 on 7-11 November 2016 | Qingdao, China : .pdf


Experimental - Trying to cope with very large files by Robert Schneider (UQAR, Québec) by reading only part of the information. Scan is supposed to deal only with single tree point cloud files. This too large 24 Gb file was read every 100 point, stopping at 3000000 points loaded (skipped 2 numbers at the beginning of each line). Scan might be adapted to load only part of a point cloud file if too large, e.g. by calculating the step value needed to target a max number of points to be loaded, e.g. 3000000 - fc-2.5.2018

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