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How to add tiles on the ground ?

In Simeo - Edito, it is possible to add tiles (i.e. cobblestones) on the ground with the following command: Insertion > Ground tiles.

You may choose several options:

  • to pave the whole terrain
  • to pave under the selected items bounding rectangle
  • to pave a given rectangle on the ground

I all cases, you must set the size of the tiles in X and Y (cm) and their thickness (e.g. 1 cm). You may change the tiles colors.

The tiles are built by various methods in PaveGround (makePavement, makePavementUnderSelection ()…, can be used directly in scripts). They build a single GWA object, write it in a file in tmp/, then add a new EditoMockup based on it in the scene.


  • when choosing the 'under the selected items' option, you will be told if the selection contains a single item (possible mistake)
  • if the selection is empty, the option is disabled
  • the process may be long because the ArchiTrees of the selected element are reloaded to calculate their accurate bounding box.

An example of tiles on the ground under two selected plants, after an Archimed1 radiative balance process:

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