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What is Simeo ?

It is a software aiming at integrating models and tools concerning the vegetal scene (several plants, several trees). It is being developped at the AMAP lab in Montpellier, France to link several already existing tools that have been developed here and maybe new ones.

What is AMAPstudio ?

AMAPstudio is an AMAP project intending to link various developments in the field of plant architecture modelling / plant growth simulators / plants and scenes visualisation / plants biomachanics / plants radiative balance… The projects hosts libraries and applications like Simeo and Xplo

What is Xplo ?

Xplo is the sister application of Simeo. It works at the individual plant level and focuses on the internal muti-scale architecture. It hosts several growth models at the individual plant level.

How can I get Simeo ?

An evaluation version of Simeo can be downloaded with the AMAPstudio installer. It contains only freely dustributable components and models.

What operating systems are required to run simeo ?

Simeo is written in Java and is thus portable to all the os that can run Java. Some modules may rely on system dependent resources and may be usable only on some systems (compatibility restriction). E.g. the amapsim module is available only under Linux and Windows.

What version of Java does Simeo use ?

Java 1.6 (monday, june 21st, 2010)

Integrated Models

Why does the amapsim module fail to run gaspp or glance under windows ?

If you have errors and can not get the amapsim module to work correctly under windows, you may try to launch the following program once. It installs some libraries that may be required on some windows systems to run gaspp and glance.

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