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The Jeeb scenes 'editable' property

Jeeb provides a Scene description: jeeb.lib.defaulttype.JeebScene. This Class implements the capsis.kernel.GScene interface and can be used as a superclass of the scene classes in the application based on the capsis-kernel (e.g. in the modules of Xplo and Simeo).

JeebScene adds an editable property. Basically in Xplo and Simeo, when the current step carries an editable scene, some tools are made available (Xplo: cut branches, edit node attributes… / Simeo: add (remove) plants in (from) the scene…) and when the scene is not editable, these operations are not available.

[New option, 22 April 2013]

By default, a scene is editable only:

  • if it has a '*' in its name (means that it is the result of an intervention on the previous scene, or a copy of the latter)
  • AND if it has no daughter scene after (it is the last of a scenario)

Special case: in Xplo and Simeo editors (resp. Plant Editor / Edito), all scenes are always editable.

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