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Simeo screenshots

28.8.2015 Simeo 1.2 with Xplo full extraction features (Thanks to S. Griffon ;-)

27.8.2015 The Simeo polygon renderer has several modes, from fastest/less detailed to slowest/more detailed:

2.3.2015 Simeo can add items in the scene in rows, following a given line

26.2.2015 Simeo is not restricted any more to the AMAPstudio formats. All kinds of files can be added in the scene and exported to a .ops scene file. The scene below contains .opf, .lig, .obj, .txt and and .png files (rendered roughly or by pins).

Simeo with various files, 3D view Simeo with various files, item list Simeo with various files, .ops export

The selected pin is a txt file

11.10.2014 Simeo 1.1 with aggressive cache management and adaptative rendering (F. de Coligny)

12.9.2014 An AmapSim simulation of a 16 poplar clones plot, each of them repeated 16 times. The image represents the plot with seven years old trees. Height and dbh for the 16 clones were calibrated at age 4 according to measurements done in Ripon (Canada) and validated at age 7 according to data recorded on the same plot. AmapSim is improved with an external plugin that computes diameters according to pipe model and an other one that affects tree growth according to local light interception (computed with Archimed-MIR) and clone effect calibrated at age 4. (J.-F. Barczi)

2.9.2014 Tuned the color gradient in the Archimed1 library (J. Dauzat)

28.2.2014 Added a 'freezing rain option' to Mir in the Archimed1 library (J. Dauzat)

14.2.2014 Adding tiles on the ground

5.2.2014 Checking volumes: planting 332 times the same sunflower (spacing 30cm x 50cm), then launching an Archimed1 radiative balance

4.2.2014 Working on Edito mockups low disk footprint: a sunflower file (GreenLab1) is planted 8 times on a terrain: one shared backup file only. When a radiative calculation is thrown, the backup file is copied into 8 different files: the plants are becoming different.

23.1.2014 Lowering the Simeo editor (Edito) memory footprint: five hundred identical trees on five hectares, each with a random twist around its local vertical axis, backed by a single shared opf file.

25.1.2013 An illustration of the Simeo - Lidar-Archimed2 (jan 2013) connection

13.12.2012 Simeo now manages relief (simple slope or height map file)

12.10.2012 Simeo's flexible graphical user interface

5.10.2012 Simeo screenshot, icons are now more consistant with Capsis and Xplo

11.9.2012 Apply various rotations to a single plant (or several) in Simeo

18.7.2012 The Simeo-Archimed1 connexion: compute irradiance at the organ level on a single plant…

… and on several plants (calculated by AMAPsim)

8.6.2012 Simeo: playing with memory on a laptop computer, 150 plants with 2,451,540 nodes (click image to enlarge)

15.3.2012 Simeo: .opf importing feature

2.12.2011 Simeo-AMAPscene 25 palm-trees

2.12.2011 Simeo-AMAPscene with two 10 years old palm-trees before irradiance in Archimed

26.9.2011 Simeo-AMAPscene with colors for the various opf files

9.9.2010 Simeo: Planting maize with GL-PBM

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