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Simulenam is a model of mammalian enamel microstructure. It simulates virtual enamel prisms in a 3D environment and allows to organize them in a multitude of ways to recreate the complex diversity of microstructure as observed in mammals. Simulenam can also perform virtual slices into the simulated enamel, which can then be directly compared to the actual 2D data available from enamel sections.
It is based on the association of a set of prisms on the base of a 150 microns square. Each prism is modelled as a succession of 4 Bezier curves defined in 3D. The prism lay out may be adjusted according to a sinusoid along an horizontal axis. An additional feature allows to interlace an other set of prisms with different parameter values.
A clipping plane may be placed and oriented in 3D to simulate 2D sections into the virtual enamel.
The simulator is provided with a simple user interface to adjust the models parameters values.

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