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run Xplo, create a new project and select SimuEnam.
the SimulEnam parameter screen appears.

On the lower left corner, you can Import and Export your current parameter values to a file.
On the lower right corner, you can run (OK button) or cancel (Cancel button) simulation.

The parameters on this tab are :

General Parameters

Name : Name of the project.
prism diameter : the diameter of a single prism.
prism x spacing : the empty space between two prism in the x direction.
prism y spacing : the empty space between two prism in the y direction.
single Simulation : toggle simulation of a single prism instead of an enamel sample.
noisy : toggle to put some random in the parameters value.
quincux : toggle to put successive layers of prism in quincux.
clipping : toggle to activate clipping according to section plane.
quarter clipping : toggle between single plane clipping (only the clipping plane will be visualized) and two planes clipping (two perpendicular clipping planes and 3D shape of the remaining part).
vertical shift : horizontal shift between top and bottom enamel sample.
alignement period : sinuosity period when prism layers are not straight.
bottom alignment amplitude : sinuosity amplitude at the bottom of the sample.
top alignment amplitude : sinuosity amplitude at the top of the sample.

Prism shape

The shape of a single prism is a succession of four Bezier curves ( Which means giving values of horizontal shift and tangential direction at 5 control points. There are two points at the bottom and the top of the sample, one in the middle of the sample and two at lower and upper half height. This has to be achieved in x and y directions (Prism Main Plane and Prism Secondary Plane). The control point at the sublower height is assumed to be a 0 shift. Enamel sample consists in a repetition of this single prism along parallel layers that occupy a 150×150 microns sample with a height of 600 microns.


There may be a second prism layer with different shape compared to the first one that will be interlaced. This layer has a set of control points only in the main direction and shares the main layer y direction parameter values. There are two more parameters for secondary layers :

interlacing : toggle to activate interlacing.
density : number of successive secondary layers before having one of the first kind.

Section Plane

This tab is made to define the position and the orientation of the clipping plane that simulates the section plane. It has two parameters.
clipping plane shift : shift of clipping plane in y direction.
clipping plane first angle : inclination of clipping plane around x axis. 0 means horizontal.

Managing Simulations

When your parameters are correctly setup, you can run a simulation and see the result in the 3D view. To do so, you just have to click the Run button.
To go back to the SimulEnam parameters, right click on the current project step (to activate the project window, select the Window→Display→Projects menu). Then select the Reinitialize Project item.

Some visualization modes

These views were obtained with default parameter values only toggling some general simulation and visualization features.
Single prism
Enamel sample
Enamel sample with interlacing
Simple plane clipping
Quarter clipping

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