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How can I load MTG, OPF or OPS files in Xplo ?

Launch Xplo

After having run the installer, launch Xplo with one of these options:

  • In your file manager, go to the installation directory and double click on the xplo script: xplo.bat for Windows, for Linux and Mac.

Note: For Linux and Mac, it may be needed to change the permission of the script to enable the 'executable' property.

* Alternatively, you may type the commands in the terminal

If the graphical user interface does not follow this layout, choose Window > Edition layout.

Import a file

MTG and OPF files are used to encode tree architecture data. To load those files you need to :

  • Project > Import

  • Select the file format you want to load > Ok
  • Choose files to be imported in Xplo > Open

For instance, try to load AMAPstudio/data/opf/mod_Rauh_14.opf :

Browse the plant architecture

In the browser, you can inspect your data in a tree table. This view is capable of both expanding and contracting the architecture, as well as showing multiple columns of attributes. Each icon represents a topological link with the previous element :

= This element has component(s)

= This element has branch(es)

= This element has a predecessor(s)

= This element has components and branch(es)

= This element has component(s) and a predecessor(s)

= This element has component(s),branch(es) and predecessor(s)

= This is a final element

Zoom, rotate, pan the 3D view

Use the 3D View navigation toolbar to navigate in the scene

The 3D View toolbar

  • Rotate
  • Pan
  • Zoom
  • Select
  • Center view on current selection
  • Reset view

Edit the rendering of the plant

Each plant element type is displayed in a layer. A layer can be hidden or displayed in the 3D view, by checking or not the layer in the list.

To configure the rendering of a layer, you need to select the layer in the list and edit the configuration panel (below the layer list).

  • Geometry

To display specific shapes for an element type, select “Use a mesh” then click on the button “…”. Select a smb or obj file (shape should be normalized).

To display cylinders (usefull for the branches), select Tube. Tubes can be computed only on axis that are composed of sub-elements. The spinner can be used to smooth the shape.

  • Material

To change the color of an element type, select Default color and choose a color by clicking on the button.

To display a gradient color according attribute values, select Gradient Color, then select an attribute name.

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