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AMAPstudio is a software suite for plants architecture modelling. It contains applications and models to rebuild, explore, analyse and study the growth of plants from an architectural point of view.

It is targeted to scientists and students in the agronomic and botany fields.

These applications and models may work at the individual plant level like in Xplo or at the scene level like in Simeo.

These software are built collaboratively by scientists and computer engineers. Some parts are distributed with a free license. The project is opened to any interested scientist: to get details about how to join the project, see the Download and Charter sections.

Three virtual maritime pine stands at age 7, 19 and 60, representative of real observed plots (FORESEE project, ANR). The simulated trees are realistic in a botanic point of view and their morphological parameters fit the observed distributions in real plots for diameter at breast height, total height, crown base height, crown diameter, total leaf area. These mockups have been simulated with AmapSim (J.F. Barczi, Cirad AMAP) by Yves Caraglio (Cirad AMAP), Marion Jourdan (CNRS AMAP) and Cécile Madelaine-Antin (IRD AMAP) in the Stem-Leaf project (CNES/TOSCA program). They have then been sent to an aerial Lidar simulation in the DART simulator (Cesbio Toulouse) by Eloi Grau (CNES-IRSTEA TETIS) and Cécile Madelaine-Antin.

Palm trees

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