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AMAP software Wiki administration

This wiki is managed by the AMAP developers and administrators, this documentation is for them.

fc-16.12.2021 See the wiki pages on amap-dev about the migration of Capsis and AMAPstudio Dokuwikis to newer versions in Dec 2021 :

Authors FAQ

How do I add my pages in the lateral menu ?

Go to this page to create your software pages and make them appear correctly in the lateral menu.

How do I -hide- some pages in the lateral menu ?

Sometimes you add a wiki page from a page in the lateral menu and you do not want this new page to create a new entry in the menu.

โ†’ At page creation time, just make sure its name starts with โ€œ.:private:โ€

E.g. [[.:private:OPF format]]

The lateral menu was configured to ignore the pages which name contains this char sequence.

How can I track the downloads for my software ?

Use this kind of text to get a download form:

EDIT: updated on 16.12.2021 by fc


hidden Response "=Thanks for downloading Capsis, please select the most recent Capsis installer on the following page:" 

Fieldset "Your information" 
Textbox  "Your name" 
email "Mail" 
Textbox  "Organism and Country" 
textbox "Motivation" 

static "This registration is only for internal statistics, the download link will be automatically sent to your e-mail address" 

Thanks "### Thanks for downloading Capsis, you will receive shortly an email containing download instructions. ###" 

submit "Register" 

Action mail @@Mail@@
subject "Capsis demo version download" 



  • This form works with the Bureaucracy plugin
  • The form will ask for the e-mail user's mail address (and other information)
  • The mail will be sent to you for statistics (here:
  • and it will be sent to the user's mail who will have the download link (here '')

How to adapt this form to download my software ?

You just have to copy the form on your download page and adapt your own mail (in 'action') and your download link (in 'hidden')

Technical pages for the Wiki administrators

Edit the sidebar

Template for this wiki

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