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The AMAP laboratory

Unité mixte de recherche botAnique et Modélisation de l'Architecture des Plantes et des végétations

Joint Research Unit Botany and computational plant architecture

The Joint Research Unit Botany and computational plant architecture (AMAP) is a multidisciplinary lab which focuses on the analysis and modelling of structure, development and diversity of plants and vegetation. AMAP specifically develops interface research between applied mathematics/informatics and plant/vegetation sciences. This research encompasses basic science along with methodological and applied topics and deals with cultivated as well as natural plants in temperate, mediterranean and tropical contexts. AMAP applies biomathematics and computational techniques to characterize taxa, explore evolution of functional architecture, plant-plant interactions and dynamics of stands and crops. Diversity of plants and vegetation is a prominent topic which embraces morphological, functional and phylogenetical aspects along with ecological and biogeographic dimensions.

Applied informatics is contributing through the design of innovative databases and software for the collaborative gathering, sharing and use of massive datasets, and via the conception of software for efficient simulations and 3D visualization of structural and functional information at plant, stands and landscape scales. AMAP is carrying out field investigations and supervises reference herbaria and collections (paleobotany) in France (Montpellier) and overseas (IRD herbaria of Cayenne and Nouméa).

The AMAP web site

Research highlights

  • Botany
  • Paleobotany and plant evolution
  • Computer-aided plant identification and botanical databases
  • Plant architecture and biomechanics
  • Biomathematics and computational biology
  • Structure and dynamics of plant communities, ecosystems and landscapes

Link to the AMAP working theme 14: Generic Software Development for Plants Modelling / Développement Logiciel Générique pour la Modélisation des Plantes (fr)

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