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See also Xplo, Simeo, AmapSim and Archimed screenshots sections.

Scan screenshots. (fc-18.3.2019)

Simeo editor with 221 simulated poplar trees (by AmapSim, J.F. Barczi), rendered by the 'Edito Polygons' renderer. A color gradient can be associated to a chosen node attribute. (F. de Coligny, 28.10.2014)

Two plants under Simeo (simplified outline rendering) and in Xplo (all organs are rendered): Simeo can roughly render more plants, Xplo renders fewer plants more accurately. (F. de Coligny, 21.1.2014)

The Principes 'extraction under Xplo' tutorial. Author : Herve Rey

PRINCIPES model first time applied to Cocos nucifera modelling and simulation. Author : Herve Rey

Light calculation with Archimed1, outline in Simeo and more detailed view in Xplo. Authors : Jean Dauzat, Sébastien Griffon, Francois de Coligny

The Simeo-Archimed1 connection on a sample scene. The energy is written in each organ in the original .opf file. Authors : Jean Dauzat, Sébastien Griffon, Francois de Coligny (Sunflowers by Hervé Rey)

A 3D tree mock-up simulated by Gloups (Greenlab model, in Matlab), imported into Xplo for geometrical reconstruction with Groovy. Author : Marc Jaeger

A 3D palm tree mock-up simulated by Principes model into Xplo and rendered by Blender. Authors : Hervé Rey, René Lecoustre, Sébastien Griffon

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