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The AMAPstudio Charter


This charter defines the rules between the AMAPstudio project actors, it must be accepted by all partners, it aims at :

  • Flexibility,
  • Easing the synergies,
  • Set everyone at his level of competence,
  • Ensure the intellectual property of the partners,
  • Provide a clear working framework.

Different actors

1. Developers are in charge of the project, they manage the applications kernel and libraries (architecture, design, maintenance, evolutions…) and the generic aspects. They propose training courses, support and animation.

2. Modellers are the authors of the models and applications to be integrated into AMAPstudio. They are responsible for the actual development, with the training and assistance from the developers.

3. End-users may use some models or applications in AMAPstudio. They interact with the modellers with who they are in contact.

Developers and Modellers are part of the AMAPstudio co-development community.

AMAPstudio Charter

  1. Free packages: the AMAPstudio environment is a free software (LGPL licence): Xplo and Simeo applications + libraries i.e. all the jeeb.* packages *EXCEPT the jeeb.workspace, jeeb.simeo.module and jeeb.xplo.module packages* dedicated to potentially proprietary modules and applications.
  2. Development: the modellers are in charge of the development of their models into AMAPstudio.
  3. Support: Modellers can have support from the developers: training sessions, design, starting help, further assistance.
  4. Free access in the community: All the source codes are freely accessible by all members in the AMAPstudio community, modules may become the base for new modules, code can be shared…
  5. Respect of intellectual property: all members respect the intellectual property of the other members.
  6. Validations: developers deal with technical validation, modellers deal with functionnal validation.
  7. Distribution: the stabilized / validated modules may be distributed when the author decides and chooses a licence (LGPL free license suggested), possible download from a ftp site.
  8. Decentralization : modellers manage directly the relations with their end-users: financing, training, assistance, models documentation, contracts…

To comply with the charter, the modellers may distribute the AMAPstudio environment with their own modules but NOT with the modules of the other modellers. The modules (i.e. the applications and growth models contained in the workspace, xplo.module and simeo.module packages) are indeed not free and belong to their authors who may decide to distribute them with the license they choose. The section 4 of the charter grants access on all the modules to the modellers of the AMAPstudio community but only to them, resulting in this distribution restriction.

A specific documentation explains how to build installers including only some modules.

Some modules may have been set free by their authors and may be freely added to the installers.

jfb - 12.10.2010 / fc - 1.6.2011

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