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AmapSim is a model linked to its simulation software that aims at modelling plants architectural development based on a cellular automaton associated to each growing bud of plants. The state variable of this automaton mimics buds vigourness (physiological age) along their life. Every base processes of buds (apical growth, branching and aging) are indexed to this state variable. The plant structure is parametrized after mathematical analysis lead on field measurements and according to botanical kmowledge. See documentation for further details.

The software architecture of the model simulator allows to dynamically plug additionnal functions that may modify the default simulation behaviour according to extra-knowledge or to associate complementary data to the plant structure along simulation.
Into AMAPstudio the software is delivered in a package that may be run either as through scripts or as an Xplo project. It also includes reference parameter database, external plugins examples.
AmapSim simulator is currently running on Windows, Linux and Mac environments (both 32bits and 64bits systems).
to get details about how to join the project, see the Download and Charter sections.

Some AmapSim output including a Cedar (left); a winter rye (center) and complete palm tree (right)

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