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This doc is a technical help for the AMAP developpers

Log in to the server (no help here), go to the amapstudio wiki directory.


in style.ini

  • page width: _wiki_width_
  • text color: _text_

Top image

Upload directly through the wiki an image called header.jpg, it will replace the current one.

The image is cut to reach the main header size.

To allow uploading through the wiki, I've put a symbolic link like this:

# path1 and path2 for better understanding
path1 = data/media/
path2 = lib/tpl/amapstudio/images/local/

ln -s path1/header.jpg

in style.ini

  • top image height: _header_height_

Background colors

The background colors are managed in style.ini

  • _body_background_
  • _background_
  • _footer_background_

Web site main header

in main.php

  • text “AMAP studio”
  • text “A modelling software…”

in style.ini

  • _logo_color_

in amapsoft.css

  • .logo and .sublogo sections
  • horizontal location: .logo padding-left
  • vertical location: .logo margin
  • size: .logo font-size (e.g. 250%)

in amapsoft.css

  • levels indentation: padding-left
  • levels size: font-size

For the colors, see links below.

Titles h1, h2...

in style.ini

  • color: _headline_color_

in amapsoft.css

  • margin-left (inner headers indentation, set to 0px to remove them)

in style.ini

  • color: _extern_
  • color: _existing_
  • color: _missing_

in amapsoft.css

  • .search

Login bar

in amapsoft.css

  • #bar__top
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