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How to compile AMAPstudio ?

This page is for the members of the AMAPstudio co-development community: developers and modellers according to the AMAPstudio charter.

AMAPstudio is part of AMAP's Jeeb project. This project is hosted on a SVN server which access is granted to the AMAPstudio co-development community members (see the related documentation). When updating your local copy or when editing your own Java classes, you are supposed to recompile to check that it is complete and can correctly run.

AMAPstudio relies on the 'ant' tool for recompilation. A parameter file named 'build.xml' is provided with prepared commands inside. All ant comands must be typed in a terminal (shell, console) from AMAPstudio's installation directory (named jeeb/ or amapstudio/).

// To recompile the project (all is not recompiled, faster)
ant compile

// To force a general recompilation (clean removes first all .class files)
ant clean compile

Note: under Linux and Mac, 'ant…' must be replaced by 'sh ant…'.

To make sure compilation always work, 'ant' has been included in AMAPstudio's packages and shortcut scripts have been added in AMAPstudio's intstallation directory.

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