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Who can join the AMAPstudio project ?

AMAPstudio can be used in two ways: (1) some features are directly accessible within the included software (e.g. editors), for example Xplo can be used to create and explore a 3D plant interactively, but (2) it is also possible to learn how to integrate a specific model (e.g. a plant growth model) in AMAPstudio to benefit of the framework to run simulations. This implies contacting the AMAPstudio developers (see below) to discuss how to start.

1. Using AMAPstudio

You may freely use AMAPstudio for your own purpose by downloading the web release on the download page. The web distribution contains an installer with the main software including editors for plants / vegetal scenes and some free models (e.g. growth models, radiative balance models…). You may find some helper documentation on the software documentation pages.

2. Adding a model in AMAPstudio

AMAPstudio can host various types of plant architectural models. The core part of the studio is free to make it easy for partners to join the project.

Any interested scientist can contact the AMAPstudio team to become an AMAPstudio modeller in accordance with the AMAPstudio charter. This implies that the scientist will be helped to become a beginner developer to be able to do the integration job by himself with simple tools, with support at the beginning and then when he needs help.

Note: The AMAPstudio team developers are skilled in software development and not in modelling. The help will concern the integration of the plant architectural model within AMAPstudio and not the plant architectural model creation by itself.

Adding a model: where do I start ?

First, you may discuss your project with us by mail to ensure the integration is possible and that it will be profitable for you. After that, if you decide to join AMAPstudio, you have to accept the AMAPstudio charter and we will then discuss the technical aspects.

Anyway, feel free to contact us for any question :-)

Where is the documentation ?

You will find many documentation on the AMAPstudio web site, particularly on the Documentation page.

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