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Scan tutorial

Install Scan

Ensure Java 1.8 is installed on your system in a terminal:

If not, see the FAQ

Run the Scan installer by double clicking on it.

Launch Scan

Open a terminal, change directory to where AMAPstudio is installed, then :

  • under windows, type 'scan'
  • under Linux or Mac, type 'sh'

You may build a shortcut on your desktop to start Scan faster.

Import a scan (i.e. point cloud)

File > Import a scan > choose a file to be imported

e.g. format (extract):

Tune the sub sampling rate

Edit > Sub sample

Choose the max number of points of the complete scan to be rendered to get a responsive user interface.

Note: this is only for viewing, all algorithms hereafter are run on the complete scan

Note : Scan is based on OpenGL and advanced viewing techniques, but sub sampling is generally interesting to be able to load big scans and keep a responsive user interface. Scan was built to work on a single plant / tree point cloud at a time.

Import a topology created on this scan by SimpleTree

File > Import a SimpleTree CSV

Move in the 3D view

Select one of the viewing tools and click / drag in the 3D view

Focus temporarily on a spheric region

Select the focus tool in the lateral bar

Select a focus sphere by clicking its center then dragging the mouse for the chosen radius. On click release, the view is restricted to the inside of the sphere

Right click or click unfocus to unfocus.

Add a Vertex in the topology

Select the 'Add a vertex' tool

Click at the center of a branch and drag the mouse to the border of the branch, then release the mouse button → a vertex is added in the topology according to the current strategy and gesture


  • Rerun the same strategy with a lower / larger radius by clicking on the '-' and '+' buttons to check is the result is better
  • Select an alternative strategy then click the refresh button

Add edges

Select the 'Add edges' tool

Click on the first vertex, then on the second, third… Finish the gesture by a right click.

Remove an edge / a vertex

Choose the 'Selection' tool, click on th edge / vertex, then press the 'Delete' key or click on the trash button.

To undo your action, press Ctrl-Z. To redo your action, press Ctrl-Y.

Configure the 3D view

Use the 3D view configuration button: to open the configuration dialog

Click on the render line to configure the rendering for a given type

Swap renderers to get another view

e.g. select the 'Edge' line, right click on it and choose the 'Cylinder renderer'

Set ramifications

Select an edge to be set as a ramification on its bearer edge, then chose the 'Ramification' tool .

Remove an Edge

Select the Edge and press 'Delete'

Undo available: Ctrl-Z

Cut a sub-tree

Select an edge and chose the saw tool

Undo available: Ctrl-Z

Save your work before leaving

Choose File > Save project if you want to reopen it later in Scan with 'Open project'.

Choose File > Export OPF File if you want to reopen the topology later in Xplo.

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