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Simulation & Extraction

In this page, presentations are about PRINCIPES simulation, mockups exploration and variables extraction in AMAPstudio/Xplo environmental software.

Principes architecture simulation & exploration

This presentation explain how to simulate a 3D palm-tree and how to extract some parameters values from mockup :

  • Xplo in AMAPstudio;
  • Parameter file;
  • Attributes;
  • Internode length;
  • Stem internode height;
  • Frond-nervure length;
  • Frond-nervure width;
  • Frond-nervure deviation angles;
  • Pinnae length;
  • Pinnae width;
  • Pinnae insertion angles;
  • Pinnae groups;
  • Pinnae area;
  • Frond & Plant pinnae area;
  • Stipe volume;
  • Fruit yield.

PRINCIPES architecture simulation and exploration

Principes architecture simulation & exploration

This presentation explain how to extract parameters values from mockup using templates :

  • Parameter file;
  • Stem internode;
  • Spear;
  • Frond nervure;
  • Stump;
  • Pinnae;
  • Inflorescence;
  • Bract;
  • Spikelet;
  • Flower;
  • Fruit.

PRINCIPES architecture simulation & exploration with templates

Xplo exploration templates

Theses files are templates used in Xplo software in order to extract variables on 3D mockups generated by PRINCIPES model. Uses of these templates are described in the 2 previous presentation of this page.

Download list

You can dowload extraction templates

Vegetative organs Internode Length Diameter v11_-_internode_length_diameter.xtr
Stem Volume v13_-_stem_volume.xtr
Spear Length v21_-_spear_length.xtr
Spear-Element Width Orthotropy v22_-_spear_element_width_orthotropy.xtr
Frond-Nervure Radial Axial Angles v31_-_frond_nervure_radial_axial.xtr
Frond-Nervure Length v32a_-_frond_nervure_length.xtr
Frond-Nervure and Zone Length v32b_-_frond_nervure_zones_lengthes.xtr
Frond-Element Width Height v33_-_frond_element_width_height.xtr
Frond-Element Bending Torsion Deviation v34_-_frond_element_bending_torsion_deviation.xtr
Frond-Nervure Volume v35_-_frond_nervure_volume.xtr
Stump Length Width Height v51_-_stump_length_width_height.xtr
Stump Volume v52_-_stump_volume.xtr
Pinnae Group Frequency Distance v61_-_pinnae_group_freq_distance.xtr
Pinnae Rotation Radial Axial Angles v62_-_pinnae_rotation_radial_axial.xtr
Pinnae Length v63_-_pinnae_length.xtr
Pinnae Max Width Height v64_-_pinnae_max_width_height.xtr
Pinnae-Element Width Height v65_-_pinnae_element_width_height.xtr
Pinnae Stiffness v66_-_pinnae_stiffness.xtr
Pinnae Broken v67_-_pinnae_broken.xtr
Pinnae Area v68a_-_pinnae_area.xtr
Pinnae Area Sum v68b_-_pinnae_area_sum.xtr
Reproductive organs Stalk Radial Axial Angles r31_-_stalk_radial_axial.xtr
Stalk Length r32_-_stalk_length.xtr
Stalk-Element Width Height r33_-_stalk_element_width_height.xtr
Stalk-Element Bending Torsion Deviation r34_-_stalk_element_bending_torsion_deviation.xtr
Stalk Volume r35_-_stalk_volume.xtr
Bract Radial Axial Angles r41_-_bract_radial_axial.xtr
Bract Length r42_-_bract_length.xtr
Bract-Element Width Height r43_-_bract_element_width_height.xtr
Bract-Element Bending Torsion Deviation r44_-_bract_element_bending_torsion_deviation.xtr
Sract Volume r45_-_bract_volume.xtr
Spikelet Group Frequency Distance r61_-_spikelet_group_freq_distance.xtr
Spikelet Radial Axial Angles r62_-_spikelet_rotation_radial_axial.xtr
Spikelet Length r63_-_spikelet_length.xtr
Spikelet-Element diameter r64_-_spikelet_element_diameter.xtr
Spikelet Stiffness r65_-_spikelet_stiffness.xtr
Spikelet Volume r66_-_spikelet_volume.xtr
Flower-Fruit Group Frequency r71_-_flowerfruit_group_freq_distance.xtr
Flower-Fruit Radial Axial Angles r72_-_flowerfruit_radial_axial.xtr
Flower-Fruit LEngth Diameter r73_-_flowerfruit_length_diameter.xtr
Flower-Fruit Volume r74_-_fruit_volume.xtr
Radiative Balance For Fronds and Pinnae p53_-_fronds_pinnaes_position.xtr
For Inflorescences and Fruits p53_-_inflos_fruits_position.xtr
For Soil p53_-_soil_irradiance_intercepted.xtr

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