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Model, Observations & Parameters

In this page, presentations are about Arecaceae's architecture, growth and development observations and modelling.

Each PRINCIPES model's parameters that are used to model 3D palm-tree architecture are introduced, illustrated, and operating procedure to make observations are detailed. Vegetative and reproductive parts of palm-tree are presented into 2 separated présentations.
For each parameter of PRINCIPES model, we detail :

  • Model assumptions
  • Parameters values
  • Observations and measurements to collect
  • Variables to compute.

Observations, measurements and Field Forms to collect data


Carl von Linnaeus named palm-trees “PRINCIPES” (the princes of trees).

  • Thats's why we named architecture's palm-trees model “PRINCIPES”;
  • PRINCIPES is featured (we hope) for every arecaceaes architecture;
  • This presentation explain the bases of PRINCIPES model;
  • Typology, growth and development, features and observations are detailed to construct the model;
  • Scales, topology, branching, succession, explain how we can build a 3D palm-tree representation;
  • Assumptions of the model and main uses are finally shortly presented as introduction to next presentations.

General presentation of Principes model

PRINCIPES vegetative observations & parameters

This presentation explain every PRINCIPES parameters for vegetative architecture.

  • Plant;
  • Stem and Internode;
  • Offshots;
  • Spear;
  • Frond production;
  • Phyllotaxy;
  • Frond geometry;
  • Stumps;
  • Pinnaes types;
  • Pinnaes groups;
  • Pinnaes angles;
  • Pinnnaes sizes;
  • Pinnaes geometry.

Protocol for vegetative observations

PRINCIPES reproductive observations & parameters

This presentation explain every PRINCIPES parameters for reproductive architecture.

  • Plant;
  • Inflorescence production;
  • Phenology;
  • Inflorescence geometry;
  • Bract production;
  • Bract geometry;
  • Spikelet production;
  • Spikelet geometry;
  • Female, male and mixed flowers;
  • Fruits.

Protocol for reproductive observations

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