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AMAPstudio with PRINCIPES model Download

You may download here the Web release of AMAPstudio.

This version contains Xplo and Simeo's full-featured editors.
PRINCIPES architectural palm-tree growth and development model is integrated in AMAPstudio and is provided with this release.
Any scientist wishing to integrate PRINCIPES palm-trees architecture researches and studies may contact the AMAPstudio team to discuss the way to join the project. For more informations about AMAPstudio software installation, you can go to AMAPstudio documentation and AMAPstudio download page.

H. Rey, R. Lecoustre (Cirad AMAP) - from January 2009

PRINCIPES parameterfile Download with default data modelling

You can download here the default parameterfiles of PRINCIPES model in order to use your own data.
You can download them to simulate palm-trees architecture, growth and development. To use them, you have 2 choices:

  • You can dowload .txt files which are readen directly by Principes software. Simulation can be done without any supplementary information.
  • You can dowload .xlsx file. In this case, you can change parameters values, but you need to save the corresponding .txt file in order to simulate your own palm-tree.

Informations about the way to save .txt file from .xlsx file are given in “Principes Architectecture simulation and exploration presentation”.

These parameter files contain “your” observations and provide, by a default modelling process values of PRINCIPES parameters coming from of these observations.

PRINCIPES parameterfile Download with default values

These other parameter files contain only PRINCIPES default parameters values for two palm-tree types.

For Pinnated Palm-Tress :


For Palmated Palm-Trees :


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