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Radiative balance and Virtual Agronomy

In this page, we explain how to use PRINCIPES palm-trees mockups in order to compute radiative balance with Archimed software and explore results.

Palm-tree mockup is computed through PRINCIPES model in Xplo environment of AMAPStudio suite; Radiative balance is computed through ARCHIDEM model in Simeo software of AMAPsutdio suite; Radiative variables are extracted through Xplo exploration of AMApstrudio suite.

Principes architecture & Archimed radiative balance

This presentation explain how to compute radiative balance on 3D tree-palms mockups :

  • From Xplo to Simeo
  • Archimed export plugin
  • From Simeo to Xplo
  • Exploration of radiative balance results
  • Plot scale
  • Visualisation

PRINCIPES architecture & Archimed radiative balance

Principes architecture, Archimed radiative balance & Virtual Agronomy

This presentation explain how number of neighbours and latitude affect palm-tree radiative balance :

  • Radiative balance on organs
  • Radiative balance at different Scales
  • Vicinity effect on radiative balance of one tree
  • Latitude effect
  • Visualisation

PRINCIPES architecture & Archimed radiative balance for Virtual Agronomy

Principes virtual architecture experiment, Archimed radiative balance & breeding advices

This presentation consists in two virtual experiments : an architectural experiment (many parameters are tested) and a planting density experiment (without retro-action of density on palm-tee architecture. The aim is to compute how radiative balance is modified, expressed in terms of intercepted light and organ irradiance :

  • Virtual architecture experiment
  • Radiative balance computing
  • Scales studied for radiative balance outputs
  • Planting density experiment
  • Radiative balance results
  • Effect of intercepting area (pinnaes) on radiative balance at different scales
  • Conclusions for breeding advices

PRINCIPES virtual architecture & Archimed radiative balance to help breeding

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